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It’s currently about 9:15 on a Saturday night & I am listening to “Today’s Top Hits” on Spotify. It’s currently playing a bit of Drake, and, for some reason, it felt like the perfect time to write. Sometimes, I just get in the mood to write–these moments usually bring out the best posts because the content is often not forced. It just seems to flow so effortlessly from my brain, through my fingers, and onto the screen using typing methods taught by Mrs. Casey. Even if I start this article now, it may take another day to finish it, which is probably what will probably happen considering the time of day (or night…).

In this moment, I want to share with you my current faves since it’s been awhile since I have done so. I’ll share a bit of beauty, movies, & other random things I’ve been loving.

  • Wild Madagascar Vanilla Perfume This smells super sweet with a bit of a spicy twist. It’s perfect for anytime of year because of its universal scent. I can’t help but almost drown myself in this every morning. Bath & Body Works describes this scent as an Intoxicating Madagascar vanilla layered with African pear, wild jasmine, & white sandalwood.” I carry around a small body spray version for occasional touch-ups throughout the day. $40 from Bath & Body Works

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  • Aussie Sprunch Hairspray I have naturally wavy hair & have always been searching for a product that enhanced those waves while not making my hair crunchy or gross feeling. This product does just that, and I love it. I spray it all over my hair then scrunch it up toward my roots. It looks great when it air drys or even slept on. It gives that beachy, messy look that I love with my waves. $4 at Target

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  • Nyx Felt Tip Eye Liner in Dark Brown I’ve only been recently using this product and am still new to liquid liner–it still takes me about 10 minutes to make a straight line with this stuff. Even though I’m new to it, I’ve been loving it. This product is literally a marker for your eye, and you can create a line as thin or thick as you desire. The color is pigmented enough to where it defines your eye but is not as harsh as black. $10 at Ulta

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  • Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in 08 This lipstick is a great “my lips but better color.” It is the perfect nude that’s not too pink & not too nude. It offers super natural tint that just enhances your own lip color. I love it for any day that I am just in the mood to be fabulous and wear lipstick but I don’t want it to be too obvious I have it on. $5 at Target

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  • Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation This is honestly the best foundation I’ve ever had (even though this is probably the first or second one I’ve ever had). It gives the most natural finish while still offering light to medium coverage. It’s for anyone who just needs to cover a few spots here and there and a bit of redness. I wear two different shades–120 when I’m not too tan & 215 when I do have a bit of a tan. $7 at Target

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Now for a few randoms.

You can go to my Spotify to see what kind of music I’ve been into lately–I’ve taken an unintended break from it lately, but I’m getting back into it, especially with the school year starting back up. My username is kelrymburton, so you can follow me on there to stay up to date with my music tastes.

I don’t care if you judge me for this next one, but I am a lover of anything Disney. Recently, a new movie came on Disney Channel called Descendants. This movie basically follows the sons and daughters of four Disney villains that go to a new school with sons and daughters of other Disney characters. Characters like Maleficent, Belle & the Beast, Dopey, and many others are featured. I honestly don’t care that this movie came on Disney Channel or may not be “cool,” but if you love Disney even a little, give this movie a chance. It was so unexpectedly good that I had to go out and buy it when it came out. The storyline is great, and the characters are portrayed well. Definitely a fave of mine right now.

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With school starting back up again, I’m sure we all need something to de-stress & calm us down a little. My go-to lately has been listening to music–mostly my chill with me playlist on Spotify–and coloring in my coloring book. You’re probably thinking: “What a coloring book? Those are for kids!” Well, true… but not the one I have. It’s called Color Me Calm, and it definitely does just that. It offers many different patterns, designs, and pictures for you to color in. These are a bit more challenging than a simple character or cartoon found in kids’ coloring books. It does take a while to fill in but teaches patience and the act of working toward a finish product. $17 at Barnes & Noble 

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I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering more about me & the things I love and that you’ve maybe found a few new things you’re interested in.

I want to leave you with a couple of videos–one for women & one for men. These videos are definitely encouraging, and it actually made me cry when I watched it. Take these words to heart & go back to them when you need to.



Have a great rest of your day or night & believe in yourself always!

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