Finding Mr. Right

I recently found a blog post through FaceBook titled “An open letter from Mr. Right.”

It really opened my eyes, ears, and heart to who I often think my “Mr. Right” could be and who I should think he could be.

It starts off basically telling me that he is “no fairytale hunk” (to quote it directly), which is, honestly, what I’ve pictured my whole life. I would dream of being swept off my feet and drowning in romantic moments. I dreamed of falling hopelessly in love with my Mr. Right/Prince Charming. I wanted my love story to be as perfect as it is in every Disney movie.

No matter how much I dream and wish for this to happen, it is not truly God’s plan for me or any other young woman. By this, I mean there is no perfect man out there just like there is no perfect woman out there, like often described in those Disney movies.

God has been working in not only my life but also my future husband’s life for many years to prepare us for the day we finally meet each other.

Patience in this area is hard for me. Boys have just not been a part of my life up to this point, and I sometimes question God and myself as to why this is the case.

I only need to have faith that God is allowing me to wait for my earthly Mr. Right so that I will fall in love with my heavenly Mr. Right.

Who is this heavenly Mr. Right, you may ask??

Jesus Christ himself.

Before I (or any other woman) can meet my Mr. Right who God has planned for me, I need to first get to know and fall in love with Jesus. I need to learn how to obey, trust, and have faith in Him completely before God shows me Mr. Right. I have to trust that God has been touching his heart and that he is learning to follow and trust Jesus until we meet.

I need to take some time to understand God’s love and acceptance of me and gain confidence from that. People will always disappoint–even though I’m sure my Mr. Right will make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, he will still disappoint me. God’s approval of and desire for me will never fail!

A marriage not rooted in Jesus will suffer. I know that if he and I both take these seasons of our lives to focus on seeking Jesus whole-heartedly, this can in no way be the case for us. I look forward to binding our lives together with God at the middle. I patiently wait the season of life when I can finally meet Mr. Right, share my life with him, and completely follow Jesus with him.

Until then, I’ll seek Jesus, trust Him, and wait for you…



Here is the link to the blog post I referred to if you care to read it…I encourage you to:

(You should just be able to copy and paste it)



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