Top Fashion Trends for 2015

As we are ringing in the new year (how is 2014 over already?!?), I am looking forward to seeing what trends will be popular in 2015. 2014 consisted of Flappy Bird, Miley Cyrus, Frozen, and bold eyebrows. 2015 is destined to be a mix of many interesting trends, so let’s see a bit of what is on the fashion radar for this year.

Because lace is a keyword in the name of this blog, I had no choice but to mention the white lace trend that Vogue considers #7 on their list. This trend is destined to be a staple in closets of women of all ages as it has such a lovely, delicate look and feel that embodies femininity.


One trend that is on Vogue’s list as #1, surprisingly, is mismatched earrings. I, for one, am not too sure how I feel about this trend right now, but I hope you and I have the guts to try it out sometime this year. Already seen on many runways and celebrities, this trend has such a unique and creative look to it that is sure to draw attention and spice up any outfit.


Transparent clothing is most definitely going to be popular this spring. You’re probably thinking that you will never wear transparent clothing and wondering why anyone would want to wear this. But, let me prove you wrong before you say no and move on. In fact, some of you may have a few pieces of transparent clothing in your closet already. By transparent, I mean sheer, as in that lovely semi-see-through cloth that adds a touch of sophistication to your look. This is probably one of my favorites as it offers a bit more interest than a plain top or skirt made of a fabric cotton or polyester.


The polo top can be worn casual or dressy. The collar adds a bit of class to any outfit in a modest but cute way. Collars can be different colors, shapes, patterns, or fabrics than that of the top itself, which is why it is definitely going to be a trend this year. 


This one is, again, one of my favorites. I love floral prints and have waited for the day they would be in trend so that I could have a closet full of floral skirts, blouses, and dresses. This year, big floral print is in. This print consists of fabric full of large flowers. The fabric offers the attention to detail and the ability to show the true beauty of a simple flower. 



Although these are just a few of the many trends that are to be seen this year, they represent what this year will hold in regards to fashion. These trends can be worn by all women of any age. They offer the ability to be creative with your style and make your friends jealous with your amazing fashion sense.

Take these trends and make them your own. Be unique with what you wear. Do not be afraid to express yourself with your style. That is why it is called personal style because it is YOURS. Be yourself and love it.

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