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If you are thinking that you do not really want to read this post because it is about Christian music and you think Christian music can be boring, I encourage you to keep reading, and I hope I change your mind about this like mine was.

Up until recently, I had never really liked listening to Christian music. Honestly, I always thought it was boring. I enjoy loud and upbeat music that makes me want to dance around or sing at the top of my lungs. I have never wanted my Christian life and love for Christ to be boring, and I desire to feel connected when I praise Him. The Christian music I had heard all seemed like loving Christ and living for Him was not the least bit exciting and desirable. From what I had heard on the radio and other places, Christian music was quite the opposite of my tastes, so I chose not to listen to it or even flip to the Christian radio stations in the car…

I had a conversation with my Bible teacher one day last year that led me to believe differently about this music than previously. He introduced me to a whole new side of Christian music that I actually began to fall in love with. I told him that I enjoy listening to the well-known pop radio stations that plays all of the latest songs while driving because they are upbeat and enjoyable. Talking to him more and more, I began to realize that I was filling my head with catchy songs full of lyrics about love, sex, breaking up, making up, etc., etc…

Then, I decided to give this new music a chance. It got to the point that I would listen to it non-stop, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you so that maybe you will fall in love with it as I have.



This is Lecrae. He is a Christian rapper.

Yes, that’s right. I said Christian RAPPER.

His music is upbeat, has great messages, and is RAP. My Bible teacher first introduced to Christian rap, and I have loved it ever since I first put a song on. Lecrae is one of many popular Christian rappers, all with powerful beats and strong lyrics glorifying the Lord. Christian rap is growing into a huge industry, and I am loving it.

(This does mean that parents can no longer call all rap music “trash” because this is about Jesus, so…)


Andy Mineo is also a Christian rapper who happens to be my favorite one. His lyrics are powerful, and his tempos are upbeat. He definitely brought me a new twist on Christian music that led me to fall in love with it more.

Some of my favorite Christian rap songs are:

  1. No Regrets (feat. Suzy Rock)–Lecrae
  2. Dum Dum (feat. Lecrae)–Tedashii
  3. Robot–Trip Lee
  4. You Can’t Stop Me–Andy Mineo
  5. You Will–Andy Mineo
  6. Let There Be Light–Andy Mineo


Hillsong Young & Free is definitely my favorite out of the new music I have discovered. I was introduced to them when I went to one of their concerts with my youth group close to where I live. At the concert, I was uncomfortable because I did not know who they were or any of their music. Soon after, I began to listen to a few of their songs, and now I am obsessed.  Their music sealed the deal for me. They bring SUPER high-energy music (I recommend the songs performed live) that is just made for teens. Their lyrics are still full of power, strength, and praise, which perfectly combines what I desired to listen to. Hillsong Y&F are exactly what I was seeking when I wanted music that made being in love with Christ enticing, fun, and energetic.

My favorite Y&F songs are:

  1. Alive-Live
  2. Wake-LIve
  3. Sinking Deep-Live
  4. Brighter-Live
  5. Lifeline-Live


Here is a list of other Christian songs I really enjoy:

  1. Desert Song–AJ Michalka (from the movie “Grace Unplugged,” really recommend this movie for all girls)
  2. All I’ve Ever Needed–AJ Michalka (“Grace Unplugged”)
  3. You Never Let Go–AJ Michalka (“Grace Unplugged”)
  4. Anthem of the Lonely–Nine Lashes (if you love hardcore rock music, Nine Lashes is for you… Quite an intense sound with lyrics meant for thinking)
  5. The Void–Nine Lashes
  6. Jesus Saves–Jeremy Camp
  7. Keys to the Kingdom–Group 1 Crew
  8. Walking on the Stars–Group 1 Crew
  9. Free to be Me–Francesca Battistelli
  10. The Lost Get Found–Britt Nicole
  11. Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail)–Hillsong United

Discovering new Christian music has opened my eyes wider than ever before. Why would I want to listen to upbeat songs about love and sex when I can listen to upbeat songs about loving Christ and living for Him? Who doesn’t want to enjoy Jesus party music?

(I’m serious… Hillsong Y&F is literally a party.)

I know that some of you have probably heard of this amazing music or of these artists and already love them and listen to them as much as I do, but I hope I can open the eyes of at least one person the way mine were.

I am definitely not putting popular radio stations in a bad light. I just know now what is out there. I find myself choosing this over the current Top 40 sometimes.

If you’re still skeptical about this music, are not really into it or, want to stay far away from hearing about God, just give this a chance. At least you will get to listen to an upbeat song with positive words, but He may end up changing your mind…

Music is such an important part of my life that allows me to feel whatever I am feeling and express whatever I want to. I feel it is important to experience thoughts and emotions through lyrics and melodies, and Christian music is definitely a vital source for experiencing Christ’s love and grace. I hope you enjoy listening to some great music and discovering more on your own…

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