Where Have I Been??

As you may have noticed, there has been a period of about 2 months in which I have been MIA on this blog. It was essentially both an intentional and unintentional break, but it was honestly much needed.

A lot of stuff has happened within the past 2 months… I finished my Junior year of high school (hardest year of my life). Summer began, which means youth group events began to pick up the pace and friends want to hang out all the time (which is not at all a bad thing). I also began my nannying job to precious 9 year old twin girls. That definitely consumes most of my time during the day. I wanted to focus on being a teenager and enjoying life and taking each problem and situation as it came rather than focusing on being on the internet all the time.

I wanted to do the things I enjoy all the time since I had just finished school (not something I enjoyed doing everyday).

With that being said, blogging began to seem like a chore rather than something I enjoyed doing. I never wanted it to get to this point, but the break was the best thing for me at the time. Sadly, I reached the peak that I actually forgot “Glitter, Grace, & Lace” even existed.

I guess you could also say that I hit a writers’ block for a while. I want everyone who reads this blog to enjoy every post I write, so I put a lot of thought into what I blog about. Some people like beauty posts, some people like life posts, and I like it all.

However, I reached a point that I felt that I was only writing for all of you and not at all for myself. Like I said earlier, I started to dread writing on here. I never ever wanted it to get to that point.

I want to begin writing for myself and about stuff that I enjoy and not worry about what other people will say about the content on here.

Look forward to more posts in the near future about content I enjoy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😉

As I always do at the end of every post, here’s a quote to leave you with…


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