My name is Kelry Burton. I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, went to a small, private Christian school most of my life, and attended a decently sized church of Christ. Up until about the summer after I graduated high school, life had been alright. Yeah, I struggled with depression, self-worth, temptations, and the like, but other than the basically “normal” stuff teens deal with, life was pretty good. I loved God and pretty much had the idea that He loved me too.

That summer before I left for my Freshman year of college changed everything. I heard God speak to me more than I ever had before. He changed my life that summer — even to the point that I stopped wearing makeup completely (something I’d never EVER thought I would do). That summer changed my life and how I viewed myself forever.

Over the last several years, I have learned three basic things about myself and Jesus. First, the words “be present” started popping up in my life everywhere. I love these words as I struggle with worrying about the future or allowing my mind to wander. I love these words because they inspire me to focus on the now and find peace in each breath. Second, I learned to find my self-worth and confidence in Jesus only and live life simply. I learned to be satisfied living on not much and desired to fully live that way. Third, I began to grasp what God’s grace actually is and started living by that grace. With this new-found understanding of His grace and forgiveness, I craved learning more and more about Christ and His plans for me.

I am definitely still learning and practicing these things. I believe I always will. However, I thank you for the opportunity to share that journey with you.

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